Monday Muse: Swoon

17 May

This Monday’s Muse is someone whom I deeply admire for her adventurous spirit in art and life.  The NYC-based artist Swoon has a new book out this month on her work as a wheat-paste artist.   Wheat-pasting is a type of grafitti or street art, where images are painted, drawn or copied onto paper and then “pasted” up on walls, buildings and in public and not-so-public spaces.  Swoon’s artwork is emotional, beautifully drawn and comments on the daily lives of city-dwellers across the world in an intimate way.  I’m delighted whenever I discover one of her pieces and feel a connection with this wonderful artist who continues to share her work with us for free.  Recently, I was delighted to find the photo (above) of a wheat-paste near my home that has now faded into a few scraps of paper.

Besides wheat-pastes, Swoon has also created several art projects over the years that brim with creativity and energy.  Check out her her other works here.  You’ll be amazed and inspired!

Venice Biennale (Swimming Cities)

Deitch 2005 Installation (Wheat-pastes)

Toy Shop Collective (Performance Art)

Walrus TV Interview

MOMA Lecture

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