24 Hour Crafty People

11 Jun

Check out my flickr page for more info on these artists!

Whew!  I think I’ve finally recovered from last weekend.  With the help of my craftin’ posse, I covered 4 craft events in 2.5 boroughs and lived to tell the tale (although in wind-blown, half-caffinated form). After seeing all the cool loot out there, it’s only whetted my appetite for more.  Here are some highlights…

The NewNew House on Governor's Island

I started the weekend off by taking the ferry to Governor’s Island, just off the rocky coast of Brooklyn.  After not spotting any pirates on the ride over (boo!), my lovely companion and I rented bikes and had an amazing day soaking up the hidden treasures of the island.

One of which was the New New Team’s house, an officer’s home that the team has taken over and decorated with their wares (all for sale). I was chuffed to scoop up a beautiful tea towel from Claudia Pearson there.  The NewNew house is now open Friday – Sunday until September 5th.

Allison and Craig of Strawberryluna

The next day, my friend Lisa joined me for a wild ride around Brooklyn and Queens.  First, we hit the Brooklyn Flea for a little snack.  We checked out the Jonathan Adler booth (they now have store now on Atlantic Ave.), before heading off to…

RENEGADE!  The mother of all summer craft fairs.  There were a number of highlights this year.  Sassy hand-painted bubushka dolls from BoBo BaBushka, tounge in cheek t-shirts from Sharp Shirter, wonderful fabrics and wood jewelry from I Am Dorkas, crisply designed tea towels from Girls Can Tell and much, much more!

Elyse Allen's hand-woven rugs and textiles

After rehydrating, Lisa hit the gas and we headed up to the Maker’s Market in Queens.  Although some of the booths were packing up by the time we got there, we still managed to see some well-crafted furniture and lighting displays.  Elyse Allen’s knitted chair seats and rugs, embedded with swarovski crystals were wonderful to discover.

What a fantastic weekend!  Thanks to all of you who posed for my photos, was great meeting you!  If I’m forgetting anyone, please let me know.  Thanks for stopping by and click here to check out the rest of the photos.

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