Screen + Printing Suppliers: New York Edition

2 Jul

Shhhhh!  I’m about to give you a great screen-printing resource!

For those of you in the New York area, a great place to get your screens made (stretched with fabric and burned with your design) is Standard Screen.  I’ve used them for many years now and they always do a great job.  Their turnaround is pretty quick, usually a day or two, and they can make tiny to giiiiigantic screens (I once saw an eight foot screen in the back of the shop for a designer’s sign).  They can also make transparencies for you (although their fees for this can be a little pricey), re-stretch old screens, and supply new ones.

Another friend of mine swears by Victory Factory.  Unlike Standard, they deliver to your door and sell more supplies if you’re burning your screens at home.

If you’re living outside of Victory’s delivery range, I just checked Etsy and there are a number of people making screens-to-order.

Check out these guys:

I haven’t tried either of them, but their prices look reasonable and they also sell Gocco mesh if you want to refresh your screens.  Let me know how it goes if you try them out.  Happy screening!

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