Monday Muse:

10 Aug

OK my bad, I just looked up at the clock and it’s actually Tuesday, but let’s just pretend it’s Monday for now.  One of my favorite ways to get over creative blocks and generally waste time on the internet is to check out  It’s the Wooster Collective of print-making.  (If you haven’t checked out Wooster Collective, first hide in shame, then rapidly punch it up on your iphone, ipad, igoogletronic or whatever you guys using these days.)

Besides being a great resource for screen-printing events and artists, this blog takes it to a new level by covering all areas of print-making, even ones you didn’t know existed (check out the Nike chalk-bot for an innovative take on the sidewalk scrawl.)

The short interviews and videos with print-makers and screen-printers like Sonnenzimmer can reveal a lot about the process and the thought that goes into making a good print:

In short, check it out.  It has something for everyone, even those who are a little obsessive about their legos.

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