Brendon Farrell

23 Aug

Thought I would share the beautiful craftsmanship of architect Brendon Farrell with you this weekend.   The sparse but thoughtful minimalism of his designs reminds me of the early Shakers.  If you happen to be in Portland, Oregon, make sure so check out the spa he designed:  Loyly.  Enjoy!


Monday Muse: Peter Callesen

16 Aug

I was walking around the botanical gardens yesterday in Brooklyn and could almost smell autumn in the air.  The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, acorns are ripening and flocks of geese are starting to appear along the Hudson parkway.

The delicate nature of these paper cuts by Peter Callesen seemed to be reminding me that summer is fleeting and fall is on it’s way.  Paper cutting seems like such an arduous task, but the results seem so rewarding if you have a good theme or eye.  I really enjoyed the one above.  I love how he puts so much effort into every last detail:

Monday Muse:

10 Aug

OK my bad, I just looked up at the clock and it’s actually Tuesday, but let’s just pretend it’s Monday for now.  One of my favorite ways to get over creative blocks and generally waste time on the internet is to check out  It’s the Wooster Collective of print-making.  (If you haven’t checked out Wooster Collective, first hide in shame, then rapidly punch it up on your iphone, ipad, igoogletronic or whatever you guys using these days.)

Besides being a great resource for screen-printing events and artists, this blog takes it to a new level by covering all areas of print-making, even ones you didn’t know existed (check out the Nike chalk-bot for an innovative take on the sidewalk scrawl.)

The short interviews and videos with print-makers and screen-printers like Sonnenzimmer can reveal a lot about the process and the thought that goes into making a good print:

In short, check it out.  It has something for everyone, even those who are a little obsessive about their legos.

Butterfly Mob

4 Aug

I just can’t help myself sometimes.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been working a lot, or maybe it’s the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately…  I’ve had a lingering urge to bring some of my print-making out into the street.  Witness the Butterfly Mob!

A friend (the marvelous Michelle, above) and I had a great time this weekend covering a park bench in Brooklyn with over 100 butterflies I had screen-printed. Here’s one of my favorites:

Even though I live in New York City, I’ve got a country heart.  Sometimes it can feel a little stifled by the heat and noise of the city in the summer-time.  Making butterflies with wings of lace, zebra patterns, and watercolor-washed hues, I felt like I was planting a little reminder of nature back on the street.  I hope you enjoy them…

(More photos posted on The Print Yards flickr site here.)

Monday Muse: Sometimes She Does

2 Aug

Hey everybody!  It’s good to be back.  The last few weeks have kept me very busy with several projects that I can’t wait to share with you, but first things first!  I found a wonderful new ceramics company the other day that I wanted to tell you about… Sometimes She Does.

Designer Re Jin Lee offers ceramic dishes, mugs and wall art, colorfully decorated with fun and organic shapes.

I was excited to see that she that she recently added some new wall pendants to her collection.  These ain’t your momma’s wall plates!  Illustrated by artist Gabriella Garson, they feature bullied school boys, sex kittens and saucy molls on the lam.  Items are created in Lee’s New York studio and shipped in eco-friendly packaging (yes!).  Check out Sometimes She Does on Etsy and Big Cartel along with Lee’s other splendid company:  Bailey Doesn’t Bark.

Quick Update

12 Jul

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL for the past week. I’m doing some thinking about my blog and would like to take it in a new direction.   In addition, I’ll be taking a business course at 3rd Ward (taught by andSprig) to help me with some of the ideas that have sprung from some screen-printing and ceramic projects I’ve done recently.  I’ll also be working with Makeville on a special product I hope to release later in the year.  There’s a lot going on, which means I’ll be taking a little break from blogging this month, but will be checking in every so often with updates and cool new stuff I can’t contain myself with!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this wonderful print from maechevrette.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer and staying outta the crazy heat.  See you soon!

Screen + Printing Suppliers: New York Edition

2 Jul

Shhhhh!  I’m about to give you a great screen-printing resource!

For those of you in the New York area, a great place to get your screens made (stretched with fabric and burned with your design) is Standard Screen.  I’ve used them for many years now and they always do a great job.  Their turnaround is pretty quick, usually a day or two, and they can make tiny to giiiiigantic screens (I once saw an eight foot screen in the back of the shop for a designer’s sign).  They can also make transparencies for you (although their fees for this can be a little pricey), re-stretch old screens, and supply new ones.

Another friend of mine swears by Victory Factory.  Unlike Standard, they deliver to your door and sell more supplies if you’re burning your screens at home.

If you’re living outside of Victory’s delivery range, I just checked Etsy and there are a number of people making screens-to-order.

Check out these guys:

I haven’t tried either of them, but their prices look reasonable and they also sell Gocco mesh if you want to refresh your screens.  Let me know how it goes if you try them out.  Happy screening!